Help (RHoK)

After watching this video, are you feeling bad do you want to help many such people and make something better for them and not get cheated by institution that claim to help the poor but just end up helping themselves. Then it’s Time to feel proud by directly doing your bit to the society. Random Hacks of kindness is an event organized with a passion to technically help and innovate in areas where we could quickly build powerful and meaningful solutions to critical problems like natural resource management and disaster management, which could result in millions of lives bettered or saved. It is a two-day event conducted all over the world.

This Dec the RHoK will be conducted in the city of Southampton for the 4th time. They bring together all those passionate Programmers, developers and managers to team up with local community representatives in the search of technological solutions to local global issues. Each RHoK event is structured as a two-day marathon of hacking where developers have a set amount of time to solve the challenges they are given. At the end, a panel of judges reviews the solutions.The winning teams are rewarded with prizes, and the chance to see their applications get massive traction in real-life situations. Along with this there are talks by experts from various fields like last year Mark Lunney a programmer and developer from Google was at the event and many more such experts will be  joining  hands for the cause. Make the best use of your knowledge.

Pull up your sleeves, form your team and register today for FREE as there are only limited seats :- Sat 7/12: 9am – 10pm Sun 8/12: 9am – 5pm Southampton university  campus: Mountbatten building. Signup here: Twitter hash: #RHoKSoton Categories: Other Events. Tags: #rhoksoton. A review of last year’s event by Digital Champion Faranoosh Beherman


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